To add a Sudoku Feed to your website, simply follow these ten steps...

Order a full version or free demo of the Sudoku Feed and download the latest version.

Extract the files into the main web directory or into a subdirectory of your choice on your computer.
Edit the source code of sudokufeed.php file with your AUTH_CODE and other definitions as labeled.

Add or include the main Sudoku Feed files to your homepage or Sudoku section:

  • Add or include the session.php text to the very top of the page where you want the Sudoku Feed to appear. If you already use sessions, there is no need to add this.
    To include the file, add <?php include("includes/session.php"); ?> to the top of the page, correcting the path to the file if necessary.
  • Add or include the head.php text in the <head> of the same page.
    To include file, add: <?php include("includes/head.php"); ?>.
  • Add or include sudokufeed.php into the same page, insert the code wherever you would like the feed to appear.
    To include file, add: <?php include("includes/sudokufeed.php"); ?>.

Edit the files which support the Sudoku Feed:

  • Edit styles/sudoku-feed-style.css stylesheet to point to the correct images directory.
  • Edit the print/index.php page to link to the stylesheet.
  • Edit the scripts/sudokufeed.js JavaScript so that your images preload correctly.
Upload the Sudoku Feed files to your website.

If some of these steps seem a little daunting, don't worry, there are helpful comments in all the files to guide you through the setup process. Most steps will take less than a minute to complete.

Before attempting to add the Sudoku Feed to your website, check these requirements...

Most web hosts will be able to provide these specifications as standard. If you need a new hosting service, find out more at Dahost.

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