Find out what's new in the latest version of the Sudoku Feed.

View with Internet Explorer 7
  • Small update to the stylesheet to support IE7
Now, even easier to skin and customise.
  • Messages added for correct and incorrect solutions
  • Image sizes automatically adapt to any size
  • Corrected some file location references
The Sudoku Feed performs better under different browsers.
  • Banner free version added
  • Corrected some stylesheet errors in Firefox and Opera
  • Removed the two minor JavaScript errors
  • Introduced preloading images to make buttons more responsive
  • Extended the help advice based on our simple solving techniques.
The first working version of the Sudoku Feed.
  • Local server connects to remote server and collects puzzles in daily batches
  • Configurable to have days coincide with local time zone
  • Archiveable Sudoku puzzles
  • Solutions to all Sudoku puzzles
  • Printable page
  • Basic help advice

If you want to recommend some new features, please post your suggestions in our feature request forum. Any server-side or client-side bugs that you discover can also be reported in its forum.

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